We offer a range of products that will further ensure you get the most out of your waste water treatment plant. These products are not only good for your plant, but for the environment as well.


Our bio-enzyme products can used in wastewater, sewer treatment, pump stations, septic tanks, grease traps, pit latrines, dams, lakes, ponds, and golf courses across the country, as well as for successful export around the globe. Performance and cost in use is exceptional, and a wide variety of issues are effectively addressed including massive reductions of: C.O.D.’S (Chemical Oxygen Demand), F.O.G.’S (Fats, Oils & Greases), Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia,Phosphate, as well as Hydrogen Sulphide (typical bad odours). In small scale laboratory tests we see excellent reductions in as little as 24 hours, peaking at nearly 100 percent reductions in a mere 120 hour period, which is an exceptional result. Beco-zyme bio-enzymes can also be used to control algae growth and address odour problems in water bodies, while making for a fantastic healthy environment for fish and bird life.


Ecozyme biodegradable products carry the coveted Eco-Choice label from Heritage Environmental which means, that unlike many imports, Beco-zyme eco-products are actually locally tested and audited guaranteeing their environmental and human safety as well as complying to the highest international standards as we subscribe to international standards set by the G.E.N. (Global Eco-Label Network).