The trusted RBC principle, developed in the 1800s, was modified by Becon Control (as the company was formerly known). The result is an RBC unit that needs minimal operational input and control and that would withstand the rigours of operating in demanding African conditions.


The RBC process is simplistic and requires minimum attention. The units can be installed in close proximity to buildings and require minimum space, are aesthetically pleasing and are essentially noiseless due to the very low power requirement and slow turning mechanical driven equipment.


 Plant extensions are simple and inexpensive as the Becon Bio-Filter units are modular.


Our Bio-Filter discs are manufactured and assembled in our manufacturing facility and comprise heavy duty shafts and monolythically cast polurethane moulded discs, assembled together to form a high quality, heavy duty RBC unit.


With an extensive network of local and global agents, we are capable of offering our clients excellent after sales service and advice.

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Becon’s RBC units are offered in three product ranges (the Be-Pac C Range, Be-Tainer and the Be-Pack T range). All these product ranges offer clients the benefits of RBC units including low power requirements, little operating skill requirements and minimal maintenance costs.

  What is it?

Be-Pac C is a civil structure that features our trusted RBC technology. This is a more permanent solution but due to its modular design the capacity is flexible and can be increased. Our trusted RBC technology is packaged in a tank structure and a concrete slab is needed for the tank to be mounted on. A containerised plant is manufactured and transported to your location where it is easily commissioned.


Be-Pac C is a cost-effective and reliable system with large capacity. This unit can be deployed in a matter of weeks. The Be-Tainer range is a very mobile solution and can easily be moved to a new location if needed. No civil work is needed and the operation of these plants is easy. These plants are plug-and-play and can become operational immediately.
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Be-Pac Link has been developed to offer waterborne sanitation services to communities and facilities that lack this basic life supporting service, and is ideal for local municipalities and corporates to offer a safe sanitation service to communities that are not connected to municipal services, thereby fulfilling the need to provide adequate sanitation that is aligned to the Constitution, Water Services Act and the Municipal Systems Act’s respective obligated actions.


The final configuration of the Be-Pac Link Unit will depend on the end users’ needs. The system can be configured to offer separated male, female and family ablution facilities that include any selection of showers, flushing toilets, urinals, hand basins and dedicated clothes washing basins. The ablution facilities can be configured to fit standard six or twelve metre shipping container dimensions which can be manufactured and delivered with a short lead-time.